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Webtune: Overview & Benefits

Are you ready to revolutionize your website's performance?

Introducing- Scalenut's Webtune AI : It's time to step into the future of website optimization! Connect your CMS, and let our AI automatically identify issues and deploy fixes with a single click.

Why use Webtune AI?

-Connect with your domain for a hassle-free experience.

-Our interface makes reviewing and implementing recommendations a walk in the park.

-Approving recommendations is as easy as snapping your fingers!

-Watch your approved recommendations come to life on your website in a flash!

Start by entering your domain, choose pages you want to analyze, and seamlessly connect with a simple CMS script. Lightning-speed setup, no hassle!

Our user-friendly interface makes reviewing and implementing recommendations a piece of cake!

Up top, you'll find data on pages crawled, content issues, and what's been fixed.

Just below, discover the key areas where Webtune works its magic with instant fixes – Meta Title, Meta Description, External Links, Canonical Tags, and Alt Text. 

Now Let’s explore each of these aspects and how Webtune can help you- 

Meta Title, or title tag, is an HTML element specifying a webpage's title and is crucial for SEO optimization.

Fix missing titles, ensure keyword-rich titles when empty, correct misplacements and optimize structure by resolving the challenge of multiple titles on a single page. All with a single click!

A Meta description is a brief webpage summary shown on search results, using HTML to inform users about the page content and its relevance to their search query!

Webtune fixes missing descriptions, ensures that they are well crafted when the original lacks meaning, corrects misplacements, and resolves confusion when there are multiple descriptions.

Let's use this specific case as an example of how webtune works.

This issue of a missing meta description can be viewed in html.

Simply type in your preferred description or generate it with our AI suggestions! 

And just like that, upon approval, Webtune fixes this issue with a single click and fine-tunes the HTML for top-notch SEO optimization. 

Yes, We make it that easy!

External links are those links that whisk you away to another website or page online when you click on them. Now, this might disrupt your page engagement when it does not open on a new tab.

But hey, worry not!

Our AI can generate external links for you.

Just click the checkbox. Got multiple options? Pick the one that suits you best!

Moving on to Canonical tags,

These are HTML elements that indicate to search engines which version of a webpage must take the spotlight when there are duplicates.

Now here’s what Webtune can help with-

Webtune optimizes your site's SEO by fixing identical content without a tag, Solves the issue of a tag with no specified URL, ensures proper canonical tag placement, and resolves confusion with multiple tags.

Fixing a Canonical Tag issue cannot get simpler than this-

Manually type in your Tag or Leave it to the AI magic – approve the tag recommended by us!

Now, let’s move on to the final aspect-

Image Alt Text. This is a short description of an image in your website's HTML- helping search engines better index your content and makes images accessible for visually impaired users.

Dealing with a Missing Alt Text? 

Craft it manually in your own words or Utilize our AI for instant suggestions and you are good to go!

With that, we have covered all the various issues Webtune offers fixes for.

Once you have gone through our recommendations, you can either click approve on only the recommendations you like or click on approve all to approve all the actions at once.

Review your changes one last time and click on Push changes live. And there you have it! Your fixes have now been immediately deployed to the website!

Feel the buzz of fine-tuned efficiency, search engine visibility, and effectiveness- all in one seamless platform. With Webtune AI, you're not just tweaking, you're transforming!

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