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Real time SEO auditing

Identify SEO issues on your website effortlessly.

Identify Meta Tags issues
Analyze Canonical Tags for optimization
Scrutinize External Links for improvements
Enhance Alt-Text for better accessibility and SEO
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Resolve on the go

Fix all on-page SEO issues.

GPT for quick, automated issue fixes.
Access limitless solutions for various on-page challenges.
Resolve issues instantly with just one click.
Simplify the approval process for seamless issue resolution.
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Automate large-scale deployment for all issues.

Swift one-click deployment
Revert changes anytime
Works seamlessly with any CMS
Seamless Large-Scale Deployment
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Started using Webtune to tackle website title issues and flag critical site elements. It's fantastic, saving me loads of time!
Small business owner
This tool is a lifesaver! Provided real-time SEO changes with over 2000 recommendations. Trying to make these changes manually would've taken long.
SEO Consultant
I used Webtune during its beta. I must say it’s amazing.
This feels like having an in-house SEO director, making everything so easy in one click.
Startup founder

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